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Broken Tools

Very often, my hands hurt.

Not just a little stiffness or ache that a little rest and hand massage will fix. No, this is a pain deep inside my hands. Or maybe on the surface. Perhaps both. That’s the trouble… it reaches a point where I can’t tell you exactly where it hurts, just that it does and I want it to stop! It’s a warm pain in the joints, like if you go for an MRI and they tell you the contrast may cause a warm sensation. That warm feeling can feel like a wave passing over and through you. I get a very similar warmth just lingering in my painful joints of my hands. That’s not even counting the feeling of hot needles stabbing at the joints.

None of that helps me get my work done. And there has been some trouble with doctors. Back and forth with general practitioners and specialists… a lot of boring, frustrating details. The good news is that some progress is being made! The bad news is that’s only been true for one day. Not much progress gets made in one day.

My hands are my tools. It’s likely my tools are broken. We’re looking at arthritis, but the question is which type. It’ll take some time to find that out, and possibly to get me to another doctor if it’s not a type my current doctor can treat. And even treatment can take some time to work. But I’m not ready to throw my broken tools out, or say I can’t do the job with them anymore.

I may work slower. On days that I can work, I may choose not to draw or crochet at all. There’s a life to be lived that is my source of inspiration for my creations! I don’t want to get so focused on the bucket I carry that I forget to go back to the well where I fill it.

I’m in the middle of crocheting things for Craftypodes, the Etsy shop my husband and I have opened together. (You can find Craftypodes on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.)

I have mushrooms to finish painting.

I’ve added some work to Positive Space. The above picture is one of the Kindle cases I’ve added. You can find more of those at Everyday Myth, including my Alice in Wonderland-inspired work.

The Kindle cases make me think of drawing on book covers.

There’s also a section in Positive Space now for products with the art from my black and white floral fabric There’s a part of me that really wants to take one of the notebooks and color the cover with markers.

I have not forgotten that I have a request to fill for some new gift tag designs this year, but one of the people who requested that has also requested a crocheted gift for her birthday and I need to fill that request first. Whether I can get around to everything else I want to do or not, requests from my sister’s children make me very happy!

Maybe my tools aren’t really broken, but they are worn down to the point where I need to be careful with them until they can be repaired. If only hands could be replaced like pencils and yarn! I know there’s something of value for me to carry out of this experience. I just haven’t found it yet. It may be something I don’t realize until years down the road when I say, “Remember when my hands hurt so much for a while…”

Enjoy what’s available now. I promise there will be more. I just can’t promise when.



Google+ Link Update

Quick note – There was a problem with the link to my Google+ profile on the sidebar. I’ve corrected it now. If you’re on Google+ and would like to Circle me, please feel free to do so.

If you’re not on Google+, I can’t tell you what’s best for you. I can only say it’s a service that fits me better for most social interaction than Facebook does. You can still “Like” my Facebook page to get basic announcements, but I’m more active on Google+. Choose what works for you. :)

Speaking Out Against Art Theft

World of Warcraft is a game with 11 million subscribers.  It attracts people from all walks of life. In fact, WoWInsider has an entire column called “15 Minutes of Fame” devoted to highlighting notable players. Sometimes they are people notable within the gaming industry. Sometimes it’s someone who is an inspiration to others because they’re living with (and fighting) Alzheimer’s. Sometimes it’s a well-known actor, or a physicist who works at CERN.

The game attracts a large number of artists, which shouldn’t be surprising when you consider the role art plays in building a virtual world. There is a ton of fan art out there! It ranges from quick, unskilled doodles of someone’s favorite character to professional quality pieces that were not done to be licensed by Blizzard (the company behind the game), but simply out of the artist’s love for the game. DiscoPriest has done some beautiful work that can be seen on Disciplinary Action.

Mage art from disciplinaryaction.wordpress.com

One of my favorites from the Stained Class series at disciplinaryaction.wordpress.com.

I said this a few days ago on Twitter, and I’ll say it again here – fan art is art. In some ways, all art is fan art. Artists are inspired by something and moved to show the world not just what it looks like, but what it looks like through that artist’s eyes. Art comes from passion. Someone who puts the time and effort into doing a series of stained glass style pieces based on a video game is creating art just as much as someone who paints landscapes or illustrates stories.

DiscoPriest’s art has been stolen and used in some YouTube videos recently. This isn’t a case of some relatively unknown individual putting a piece in the background for a homemade music video, or something of the sort. You can see how her art was used in this video. The original video was made private and many comments deleted once people called TGN.tv out on the art theft, but Rades was kind enough to make a back-up of the video. He also added commentary that points out how this is art theft, and links to relevant information in the video notes.

TGN.tv promotes itself as being a step toward making money from doing YouTube videos. From their website:

Do you want to do this *full-time* if it can pay your bills? If yes, and are serious about treating YouTube as a career, then follow the WAY movement.

TGN personally trains motivated and talented YouTubers so they start earning $1,500-$2,000 a month solely from revenue share on video views in 6-12 months, more if you learn faster, less if you learn slower. This is a goal, not a guarantee.


ETA: I’ve changed the mentions of “TGN” to “TGN.tv” because that is the full name of their YouTube channel and, as Julia points out in the comments, TGN is recognizable as Total Gaming Network. They have a good reputation with the same audience that is TGN.tv’s target audience and were around well before TGN.tv. However, the quotes above are from TGN.tv’s website and have been reproduced here exactly as they are on the site.

One would assume videos that are part of the TGN.tv YouTube channel are intended to help reach this goal. Taking someone else’s art and putting it out there as your own is theft, whether you do it for money or not. Doing it so that you can build a following that you’re hoping to make money from is even worse.

DiscoPriest has a rather large community supporting her right now. The blogging community within the WoW population is rather vocal when they’re passionate about something. That’s what led them to start blogging in the first place. I doubt there’s any way TGN.tv can come out of this looking okay in the eyes of a large portion of their target audience. The original theft has now been compounded by deleting comments and staying quiet, rather than removing the video and trying to make ammends with the artist.

I love the support artists on the internet give each other. I have met some wonderful artists who have been a true inspiration to me through Twitter and communities like RedBubble. None of us want to be the person who has their art stolen and feels like all that time and work means nothing now that someone else is using it. We may not be able to put an end to art theft completely, but we can speak up and support each other to make sure it is not the thief who profits.

DiscoPriest has an online shop, and her website also says she takes commissions. You can also find her on Twitter. Consider showing her some support.

Update! It looks like the videos have been taken down now, as opposed to how they were simply made private earlier. Update on Twitter by @DiscoPriest.

Google+ or Facebook?

I’ll be more active on Google+ now that it’s open to the public than I have been up until this point. If you’d like to add me to an art circle, please do so. You can find my Google+ profile here: http://gtPL.US/kmartinez.

I will still be maintaining my official Facebook page, at least for the forseeable future, but I intend to post less there as I post more on Google+. I’m currently working on a zombie portrait that I’ve been posting updates about on Facebook. This may be the last project I do regular Work in Progress updates for there.

Reaching a Milestone on Facebook

I’ve been late jumping on the Facebook bandwagon. For the past few months, I’ve been doing my best to spread the word to get enough “Likes” on my official page that I’d be allowed to set a username for the page. That’s not so easy when the url is so long and strange looking that it’d really be easier to direct people there if one had a decent username. I finally have one today! My official art page is no longer found at facebook.com/K-Martinez-REALLY-LONG-STRING-OF-NUMBERS. It is now found at facebook.com/KMartinez.artist .