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About K. Martinez

I am an artist, aunt, wife of a United States Marine, and bundle of contradictions.

I treat superstitions I don’t actually believe in as if they are true. If a broom falls, I insist company is coming. I’d also be shocked if anyone showed up. I love individuals but am completely disgusted by “people” as a whole. I like to tell the story of how the panda got it’s markings. I’m hoping science will one day explain the platypus. (It’s one of my favorite animals!)

I love re-reading children’s books to see what I get out of the story as an adult. I also love reading about quantum physics. I wish Richard Feynman would be my imaginary friend, but I’m stuck with a leprechaun named Paddy O’Furniture instead. One of my favorite jokes is about Feynman and Heisenberg taking a trip together in a car. I never understand why I’m the only one who gets it.

I’ve been trying to figure out who assassinated President Kennedy since I was in the fifth grade. I’ve been trying to figure out who Jack the Ripper was for just as long.

I’m passionate about cheese. It’s culinary anthropology.

I love myth and folklore, and I have an interest in theology. I don’t think you can really understand a people without knowing their stories, nor can you truly understand the stories without knowing the people they belong to.

I enjoy playing video games that have engaging stories, and board games that require strategy. Hand me a deck of cards and I’ll want to show you a magic trick.

When it’s almost time for school to start each year, I can probably be found standing on a school supplies aisle pondering how a brand new box of crayons is like a new class of kindergarteners.

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