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I said I was going to make an effort to keep my crochet work divided from my other work, didn’t I? I even set up a tumblr for when I just want to babble about yarn crafting. I was determined to manage my drawing and painting in one area of my life, and the yarn crafting with my husband in another area of my life.
There’s only so much of me to go around, though, and those things all qualify as “art”. I’m finding that I can’t just set aside time to crochet and then time to draw. I get my need to create satisfied when working with yarn and there’s just nothing left by the time I’m ready to draw. I could draw one of the things on my list, but then I start thinking how much fun it would be to crochet them in addition to drawing them. I start running through how to do that in my mind, making sure I really could do it, and all the energy gets poured into the yarn crafting idea.

I need to create. I don’t actually need to draw. This shouldn’t surprise me, considering I turned to drawing when my illness made it very difficult for me to write.

I have to consider other things going on in my life, and I’ve discussed this at length with my husband and gotten some advice from a friend. If I don’t care that much which medium I’m working with as long as I’m creating, then what about other things I’m facing? How are they impacted by a change in my artistic pursuits? The truth is that crocheting is a much better choice for me at this point in my life when I consider my health problems. Everything from the physical toll from how I sit while working to the mental cost of doing this as a business changes.

Does this mean I’m giving up drawing completely? Absolutely not! I still have a few projects that are very important to me and must be drawn. I can’t imagine a time when I put down pens and Wacom stylus and think to myself, “The last one is done.” I will be keeping my stores with my artwork open. I just won’t add to them as often. I won’t aggressively pursue creative satisfaction and financial benefit through drawing.  Hooks and yarn are a better choice for me at this point in my life.

Some of you may not have an interest in my work anymore with this change. I understand that. I understand that sometimes the focus is the medium. Thank you for supporting my drawing and painting.

Anyone who wants to come along for the ride on the Yarn Train, that’s where the action will be now! There’s a Craftypodes Twitter account for it, Facebook, and Google+. My husband (fondly referred to on Craftypodes accounts as “Mr. Knitter”) also posts on the Facebook and Google+ accounts. I mostly do the Twitter thing myself, and the tumblr is all mine.

A lot of my Twitter friends are gamers. I recently crocheted a Brann Bronzebeard (from World of Warcraft) doll, wearing the Tabard of the Explorer that the character sends to you in the game.

Gamer buddies, help me get my mind focused on the good things about making this change in my life! Talk to me about dolls. I’d like to know how interested people might be in being able to commission a doll of their character. It would mean sending me screenshots, front and back, of your character. Hunters could have a pet, warlocks could have a demon, etc. I’d say SWTOR characters are possible, too. Not lore characters like Brann there, but a doll of your character. If there’s a reasonable amount of interest in this, I can work out details for pricing and how to handle a waiting list for commissions and make another post specifically about that.


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