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Then and Now

Last week I came across the first drawing I ever did with a Wacom tablet. A very messy snail.

snail 2009That’s from 2009, and I drew it as soon as I finished installing drivers, software, and getting things configured. The first time I held a stylus in my hand and struggled to make it feel as comfortable as a pencil, that snail was the result.

I decided today to draw the snail again.


snail 2012

The 2009 snail took several hours. The 2012 snail took about ten or fifteen minutes.

Again, I was drawing with a Wacom tablet, though I did get a newer model in the past three years. Both snails were drawn in ArtRage, though I was using the basic ArtRage in 2009 and use Studio Pro now.

Part of me thinks it would interesting to draw the snail again once every three years. I’m not certain I’d remember to, though.

It’s easy to get so focused on where we are and how far we have to go that we forget to look at where we are as compared to where we’ve been. It’s a long journey. It takes time.

Maybe moving “at a snail’s pace” isn’t always a bad thing.




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