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Lessons from the Sketchbook

I am slowly filling pages in my sketchbook. I never really know what a page will look like before it is finished. That’s part of what I enjoy about doing it. I lose myself in drawing each line, not worrying about the one before it or the next to come. It’s so relaxing that it can be like taking a nap without falling asleep.

Some pages turn out better than others. I’ve given myself permission to experiment within the pages of the book with things that I have no clue if it’ll work out well or not.  There is a page I did with purple, red, green, and blue ink. The rainbow effect wasn’t quite what I had hoped for, and I’m not very happy with it. I didn’t tear the page out, though. It is part of my ink and paper experiment and belongs in the book.

I think this one turned out better. I decided to try again with splashes of color added to a finished drawing.

Sketchbook piece with splashes of color.

I do wish I had a yellow pen. I would have traded brown for yellow.

I’m learning that I can be a lot more patient than I ever thought I could be. Several people have commented on the level of detail in a recently completed drawing that spans two pages of the book. It wasn’t particularly difficult to draw, but it was a big time investment.

Sketchbook piece spanning two pages.

There are at least two errors in that one, and quite a few lines I wish I’d drawn smoother or angled better. Learning to make mistakes is part of the process, though. Eliminating errors to improve the quality of one’s work is important. If the fear of mistakes stops a person from trying anything new, however, learning to make mistakes has to come before learning to eliminate them. You don’t get better at something by not doing it.

I have a few black and white projects to work on this year outside of the sketchbook. I am looking forward to each and every one of them. As much as I love color, I think a lot of my growth – as an artist and a person – is happening in black and white right now.


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