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Welcome to the new place!

I’ve never moved an entire blog before. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it might be, though I also hadn’t realized just how little I’d managed to blog at the old place. Only 23 posts since March. I always knew I wasn’t posting as often as I’d intended, but I thought certainly I’d written more than that!

It reminds me a bit of when I was a teenager and wrote a letter to Stephen King to ask him about a character in one of his books. I received a pre-printed postcard in the mail in response. It explained that he’d realized years before that he could either write back to each fan who sent him a letter, or he could write more books. Since he was only getting fan mail because he wrote books, the card explained, he hoped that his fans wouldn’t mind too much that he’d chosen to keep doing that.

When I find time to write, I often spend it drawing. If I don’t draw, I’ll have nothing to write about.

Still, I would like to do more writing about my work. About what inspires me, which artists I’m paying attention to, and why I feel art matters more than most folks seem to realize. I’m comfortable enough with WordPress that I hope I’ll be doing more of that than I have done previously, even if I still don’t do quite as much of it as I’d like to.

You will find that the comments are closed on the posts I moved over. That’s because comments will close two weeks after something is posted and I backdated everything to keep some order in the chaos. I welcome discussion even if I don’t always find the time to be an active part of it. It’s no secret that I’d like for people to buy my art. It’s also very important to me that people see it, and that it has some effect on them, even if they never buy it.

Oh… I didn’t tell the end of the story about my letter to Stephen King! The card had been inserted into a typewriter, and there was a P.S. typed at the bottom with an answer to my question.

I may be busy, but I like to think I’m still approachable.



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