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Graphic Content – Now Categorized by Product Type!

Zazzle has grown a lot in the three years I’ve had the Graphic Content store there. So has the store. Earlier this year, I made updated category icons to tidy the front page up a bit. What I didn’t take into account is that the store was getting harder and harder for people to navigate. It is a store focused more on product design. Not finding art and seeing which products you can buy it on, but finding products you want and seeing what art is available on them. That’s a big difference from the buyer’s point of view.

I’ve left a few of the old categories in place because they are truly more appropriate when grouped by theme, rather than being scattered among product types. The rest of the categories have been redone so that you can simply look at all the shirts at one time, or see what’s available on a mug, or browse the iPhone cases without having to dig through magnets to find them.

A change in how things are categorized also called for a change in category icons. The pictures you see on the icons now show some of the actual products you’ll find within that category. Navigating the store should be much easier.


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