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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Midsummer and Fairy Day

I’ve been made aware that Fairy Day falls during Midsummer celebrations. I’d never heard of this before, but it does make sense. A Midsummer Night’s Dream is one of my favorites among Shakespeare’s plays!

I haven’t drawn any faeries yet. (And yes, I’m odd in that I prefer to spell it “faerie” even though I grew up in a culture and time where it was almost always spelled “fairy” when I saw the word.) I have made my fae dragon available on several products, though.

You can find her as a sticker on RedBubble.

On baby clothes at Graphic Content on Zazzle. This baby onesie won a Today’s Best Award on Zazzle in February.

And for folks who’d love a fae dragon but don’t have a baby, or want something for themself…

A few small items in my Everyday Myth store on Zazzle.


Art Contests

I have pieces entered in two contests right now and would truly appreciate votes and spreading the word about them.

Muppet contest entry on Threadless

This is the design I’ve entered for the Muppets shirt design contest from Threadless and Disney. You can see and score the design here. If you aren’t familiar with how designs are presented on Threadless, please look for the three dots in the upper right corner of the picture on the Threadless site. You can click those dots to switch among the three slides I prepared for presenting my work.

This contest, because Disney is part of it, is a pretty big deal! The winner gets a rather large prize package, including a set of Muppets figurines designed by Jim Shore. And Disney will buy the winning design from the winning artist for $2,500.00. The competition is pretty fierce!

The theme of the contest is friendship, so my design is a tour shirt for the Muppet band – Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. It’s the Endless Friends Tour.

The winning design will be chosen on June 27, 2011, so you have until then to vote.

Sell Art Online

The second contest I have a piece entered in is a contest at Fine Art America, and the entry is my This Side of the Looking-Glass piece. You can vote for it here, and you do not need to be a member of Fine Art America in order to vote. This contest has a short run. Voting just started today (June 8, 2011) and will end on June 11, 2011. The prizes are much smaller than what’s at stake in the Threadless-Disney contest (Fine Art America gift certificates for winners), but it’s a nice opportunity to have my work seen and see work from other artists I may not have found without a contest to call attention to them.

Graphic Content – Now Categorized by Product Type!

Zazzle has grown a lot in the three years I’ve had the Graphic Content store there. So has the store. Earlier this year, I made updated category icons to tidy the front page up a bit. What I didn’t take into account is that the store was getting harder and harder for people to navigate. It is a store focused more on product design. Not finding art and seeing which products you can buy it on, but finding products you want and seeing what art is available on them. That’s a big difference from the buyer’s point of view.

I’ve left a few of the old categories in place because they are truly more appropriate when grouped by theme, rather than being scattered among product types. The rest of the categories have been redone so that you can simply look at all the shirts at one time, or see what’s available on a mug, or browse the iPhone cases without having to dig through magnets to find them.

A change in how things are categorized also called for a change in category icons. The pictures you see on the icons now show some of the actual products you’ll find within that category. Navigating the store should be much easier.