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Cover Art for Episode 204 of The Drabblecast

Episode 204 of The Drabblecast is up now. This is a Double-Header episode, which means there are two stories instead of the usual one, and I did the cover art.

If you aren’t familiar with The Drabblecast, it’s also called “The Drabblecast – Strange Stories for Strange Listeners”. It’s a free show (they keep it going on hard work and kind donations) and the stories are… odd. Some of them are about aliens, and some are about things that lurk in the shadows. Many of them are both disturbing and hilarious. Some of them are so touching you may not notice after a few minutes that the characters in the story may be zombies, possesed toys, or something too unknown to be named.

I’ve never been a big fan of audio fiction. I would prefer to curl up with a book and read a story myself, rather than having it read to me while I do something else. I have found, though, that I really enjoy listening to The Drabblecast while I’m drawing.

I was in touch with the art director for the show, Bo Kaier, while I worked on the cover art for episode 204. I cannot possibly say enough good things about the experience! While The Drabblecast does pay for stories, episode art is a volunteer project, and I was treated like I was really doing them a favor. I was asked how much time I would need to do this so that I could work around my own schedule. I was assured that I could still back out later if I needed to and it wouldn’t be held against me when being considered for future episodes. There was a real sense of being appreciated for the time and work I was putting into this, and genuine respect for the fact that life sometimes gets in the way.

I’ve listened to every episode of The Drabblecast, working my way through the archives over several weeks, and the show has come a long way since it started. It was good. Now, it’s an awesome podcast with a thriving listener community on the forums. If you want to support an artistic community online, I think it’s a good place to start. You’ll be supporting authors and podcasters, as well as a community that encourgages creativity and discussion about everything from why zombies are awesome to how we can see our own very real history and cultural development in speculation about alien worlds.


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