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Drawing Day 2011

Drawing Day 2011 is on June 4th! You don’t have to be a professional artist, or even call yourself an artist at all. If all you can do is a few stick figures who look like they might be waving to each other (unless that’s dancing… or throwing their hands up in surrender) you are still the kind of person Drawing Day is for!

All you have to do is take one day to sit down and draw something. The Drawing Day site has plenty of resources on how to participate so that you can share your drawings with everyone else. Don’t be afraid! This isn’t a contest. It’s not about the prettiest, most realistic, best technique, or any of that. It’s about spending one day with your family, friends, and as many strangers all around the world as you can doing one thing… letting your creative side take over!

Draw a flower. Draw a picture of your pets. Get the crayons out and draw something with your kids. Draw with as many colors as you can, or draw in black and white. However you do it, JUST DRAW!


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