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K. Martinez’s Art on RedBubble

As an artist, I want to get my work out to as many people as I can. I won’t lie — I hope you buy it! But even if you don’t buy it, I hope you see it and I hope there’s something there you like. The internet gives me a lot of options for getting my work out there, and I spend quite a bit of time reviewing those options to decide which ones I feel are sitting right there at the intersection of Will Get My Work Noticed and Is A Place Worth Sending People To. Recently, I’ve decided RedBubble looks like one of those places.

You may have already seen the pieces I’m adding to my RedBubble gallery. You may have decided the options for buying them on other sites didn’t quite fit what you were comfortable with. Making my work available in a variety of places doesn’t just give me a better chance of someone coming across it. It also gives you more options for buying it if you wish to, and offers a variety of ways to showcase my art. If you’re looking for a lot of products to choose from because you’d like a gift for someone with my art on it, I recommend my Zazzle store. If you’re looking for large pieces as high-quality framed prints, Fine Art America may be better suited to you.

If you’re interested in seeing my work presented as art and might be interested in buying an inexpensive print or being able to wear it on a shirt, keep an eye on my RedBubble gallery.

Or you can follow my official Facebook page and I’ll keep you updated on my work and where you can find it. After all, I want my work to be seen.


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