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Maneki Neko + Three Wise Monkeys

Three Wise Maneki Neko

I love the maneki neko – the cat who beckons good luck to come your way. I also love the three wise monkeys (Hear No Evil, See No Evil and Speak No Evil) and the many variations of them I’ve seen. When I put the two together to create Three Wise and Lucky Neko, I did so with specific ideas in mind for each of the cats.

“Hear No” Neko wears a green collar and is holding a fish. The green collar signifies good health, and the fish signifies strength – such as the strength that comes from eating healthy foods like fish. I put these on “Hear No” because I was thinking of being able to shut out the noise of the world and just watch your fishing line in the water.

“See No” Neko wears a red collar – for good luck in relationships, such as marriage – and is holding a gourd. The gourd is considered lucky and is often seen as a hyotan for holding sake. My mind was wandering a bit on this one, and the connections may not be immediately obvious. The idea of the sake in the hyotan along with good luck in relationships made me think of having a few drinks at a party or on a date. Everyone looks better when you’re wearing beer goggles, right? But being able to look past the little flaws in a person is often an important part of a successful relationship. Does it really matter that her nose is a little crooked, or that he keeps pairing a dark brown sock with a black sock?

“Speak No” Neko wears a black collar to protect against uninvited people in your life and holds a lucky coin for wealth. “Speak No Evil” sounds like a good business practice. Be honest. Be fair. Of course, once you’ve accumulated that wealth through such good business practices, I hear the “univited people” will start coming out of the woodwork to borrow money.

The Three Wise and Lucky Neko are available for purchase on a variety of products from my Zazzle store.


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