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Monday Afternoon Demonology

Acrylimp. Not to be confused with a silkubus or wooltergeist.


Mondays are rarely good days for me to draw. It’s usually my day to catch up on chores around the house, and that keeps me running back and forth or not having much time between chores. It was somewhere between the trips from the house to the garage and back, or from the bedroom closet to the bathroom cabinet, that a yarn demon took advantage of this and manifested in my house today!

He appears to be an acrylimp, and the large stash of acrylic yarn I have would make that likely. We run a small risk of having a wooltergeist pop up one day, but there won’t be a silkubus around here anytime soon. He’s very cuddly! Sorry, I mean… he’s very cunning. Small, but cute… CUNNING… as imps tend to be.

He’s been very careful not to let me find out his name yet. That would, of course, give me control over him.


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