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Monthly Archives: April 2011

K. Martinez’s Art on RedBubble

As an artist, I want to get my work out to as many people as I can. I won’t lie — I hope you buy it! But even if you don’t buy it, I hope you see it and I hope there’s something there you like. The internet gives me a lot of options for getting my work out there, and I spend quite a bit of time reviewing those options to decide which ones I feel are sitting right there at the intersection of Will Get My Work Noticed and Is A Place Worth Sending People To. Recently, I’ve decided RedBubble looks like one of those places.

You may have already seen the pieces I’m adding to my RedBubble gallery. You may have decided the options for buying them on other sites didn’t quite fit what you were comfortable with. Making my work available in a variety of places doesn’t just give me a better chance of someone coming across it. It also gives you more options for buying it if you wish to, and offers a variety of ways to showcase my art. If you’re looking for a lot of products to choose from because you’d like a gift for someone with my art on it, I recommend my Zazzle store. If you’re looking for large pieces as high-quality framed prints, Fine Art America may be better suited to you.

If you’re interested in seeing my work presented as art and might be interested in buying an inexpensive print or being able to wear it on a shirt, keep an eye on my RedBubble gallery.

Or you can follow my official Facebook page and I’ll keep you updated on my work and where you can find it. After all, I want my work to be seen.


Maneki Neko + Three Wise Monkeys

Three Wise Maneki Neko

I love the maneki neko – the cat who beckons good luck to come your way. I also love the three wise monkeys (Hear No Evil, See No Evil and Speak No Evil) and the many variations of them I’ve seen. When I put the two together to create Three Wise and Lucky Neko, I did so with specific ideas in mind for each of the cats.

“Hear No” Neko wears a green collar and is holding a fish. The green collar signifies good health, and the fish signifies strength – such as the strength that comes from eating healthy foods like fish. I put these on “Hear No” because I was thinking of being able to shut out the noise of the world and just watch your fishing line in the water.

“See No” Neko wears a red collar – for good luck in relationships, such as marriage – and is holding a gourd. The gourd is considered lucky and is often seen as a hyotan for holding sake. My mind was wandering a bit on this one, and the connections may not be immediately obvious. The idea of the sake in the hyotan along with good luck in relationships made me think of having a few drinks at a party or on a date. Everyone looks better when you’re wearing beer goggles, right? But being able to look past the little flaws in a person is often an important part of a successful relationship. Does it really matter that her nose is a little crooked, or that he keeps pairing a dark brown sock with a black sock?

“Speak No” Neko wears a black collar to protect against uninvited people in your life and holds a lucky coin for wealth. “Speak No Evil” sounds like a good business practice. Be honest. Be fair. Of course, once you’ve accumulated that wealth through such good business practices, I hear the “univited people” will start coming out of the woodwork to borrow money.

The Three Wise and Lucky Neko are available for purchase on a variety of products from my Zazzle store.

Sale Alert!

Zazzle is having a sale through Monday, April 18, 2011. Using the discount code TAXDAYSALE11 gets you a discount of 10.40% on all orders. If you’ve ever taken a look at my Graphic Content Zazzle store (where “Graphic Content” is a pun and the store is SFW and family-friendly) and thought about buying something when you have more money, now may be a good time! A sale is a little like having more money.

If you’ve never taken a look at my store, anytime is a good time! Not sure where to start? Oh… start with cats! It’s not a bunch of boring cats that could have come from anywhere. Trust me.

Monday Afternoon Demonology

Acrylimp. Not to be confused with a silkubus or wooltergeist.


Mondays are rarely good days for me to draw. It’s usually my day to catch up on chores around the house, and that keeps me running back and forth or not having much time between chores. It was somewhere between the trips from the house to the garage and back, or from the bedroom closet to the bathroom cabinet, that a yarn demon took advantage of this and manifested in my house today!

He appears to be an acrylimp, and the large stash of acrylic yarn I have would make that likely. We run a small risk of having a wooltergeist pop up one day, but there won’t be a silkubus around here anytime soon. He’s very cuddly! Sorry, I mean… he’s very cunning. Small, but cute… CUNNING… as imps tend to be.

He’s been very careful not to let me find out his name yet. That would, of course, give me control over him.