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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Patchwork Heart Art now on Heart Shaped Sticker

Zazzle has added stickers in some new shapes. They’ve had basic round stickers for quite some time now, but the heart shape is one of the new options. That means my Patchwork Heart doodle art is now available on a heart shaped sticker! Just click the picture to go directly to the sticker.


Reaching a Milestone on Facebook

I’ve been late jumping on the Facebook bandwagon. For the past few months, I’ve been doing my best to spread the word to get enough “Likes” on my official page that I’d be allowed to set a username for the page. That’s not so easy when the url is so long and strange looking that it’d really be easier to direct people there if one had a decent username. I finally have one today! My official art page is no longer found at facebook.com/K-Martinez-REALLY-LONG-STRING-OF-NUMBERS. It is now found at facebook.com/KMartinez.artist .

Sales Royalties to go to Japanese Red Cross

NOTE: The T-shirt mock up showing the art was removed from this post once I discontinued the product. Thank you to everyone who purchased a shirt to support Japan.


The art for this shirt was donated by me, meaning the sales royalties will go to the Japanese Red Cross instead of myself. It’s part of Zazzle’s Japan Relief project. The end date for royalties being set aside for this is April 12th. I will be removing this product from my Zazzle store after that. I love origami cranes and the symbolism behind them. It’s one of many beautiful things from Japan I’ve grown to appreciate in life. I am honored to have the chance to offer a few cranes to the people of Japan right now.

Sale on Prints of This Side of the Looking-Glass

Sell Art Online

This piece is being sold for a limited time and in limited quantity at a reduced price for canvas prints. It is available with a variety of printing options at full price, but the sale on canvas prints will only last three more days There are only ten canvas prints available at the sale price.